Sample RiKi Co., Ltd. is a food sample production and manufacturing manufacturer.We also hold a food sample production classroom

Food sample experience with sample Riki
RiKi Co., Ltd. can make original food samples that look cute and delicious.

What is a food sample?

What is a food sample?

Food samples are models made to resemble various foods, dishes, and drinks, and are displayed at stores such as restaurants. It is an expression method invented from the Taisho era to the early Showa era. It is very elaborately made using wax and synthetic resin, and is considered to be a unique Japanese culture.

Just like the real thing!? Food sample experience for parents and children

Sample RiKi Co., Ltd. has a food sample experience in Minami-ku, Fukuoka City.

We hold a food sample experience so that many people can know the world of food samples and the joy of making samples.

You can make parfaits, decoration cakes, tempura and lettuce, natto rice, and Ikura donburi that you will want to eat.

There are no rules, so please enjoy the topping freely with your own sensitivity.

Adults as well as children have fun. Please be assured that the staff will teach you fine work happily and carefully.

There are many ways to use the samples you have produced. Perfect for gifts!

It is wonderful not only for the interior of the house, but also for exchanging with friends who have participated, or as a secret surprise gift.

I think you will be pleased while surprised at the quality that looks exactly like the real thing.

Food samples that are fun to make and use. Please try it once.

Information on food sample experience

For Group

Parfait course

From 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
※Topping is charged separately

The most popular course is parfait making.

Parfeglas is selected from two types. The source is selected from 6 liquors. Choose 5 parts from many types.


Cookie cake

From 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
※Topping is charged separately

This is a popular cookie cake production course. There are heart-shaped and 〇-shaped bases, and you can choose from various colors. Let's decorate from many parts.



From 2,500 yen (excluding tax)

Choose from three types of topping parts from six different sources, such as a small parfait Sundae.

If you wish, there is also a cake tag service.


※Group benefits

A few people will participate in Row's performance.

In addition, please answer sample quiz and questionnaire.

We have fun attractions and gifts.


  • Company name

    Sample Riki Inc.

  • Street address


    4-20-30 Kashiwara, Minami-ku, Fukuoka

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  • To those coming by Nishitetsu bus

    About 5 minutes from Nishitetsu bus "Furuno".

    Please refer to the map below.

    It is next to the parking lot of Hanyasu Shrine.

  • Directions after getting off the bus

  • For those coming by car

    Get off the Fukuoka Urban Expressway "Natame" IC and go straight toward the test site.

    Turn left at the traffic light at the test site and go straight on at the intersection of Kashiwara.You will find the Nishitetsu Bus Furuno.

    Please refer to the map above from the bus stop at Furuno.

    * There are four ordinary cars in the parking lot. For one large bus.